With so many deer scents and lures on the market today, it makes it very hard for the average hunter to know what scents and lures work and what ones don’t. Many buy what they hope is that magic scent that will bring the buck of a lifetime out of his core area love struck and drooling, searching for the doe that smells of estrus. Only to find that the scent doesn’t work as described by the manufacture. Or worse, scares more deer away then it ever thought of bringing in. The problem with these commercial scents is the simple fact that they have been altered from their original state by adding chemicals to preserve their shelf life. The other issue is doe estrus contains sexual secretions called pheromones. These pheromones are lost during processing, leaving the hunter with a bottle of what amounts to pasteurized urine with no attracting qualities what so ever.

Introducing Jinx’em scents. 100% pure deer urine with no additives or preservatives. Our collection process begins in sept for our dominant buck lure “misfortune”. Our doe estrus lure “bewitched” is available after Oct. 1st. we do this to insure that you receive your product as fresh as humanly possible. Both Jinx’em Scents are collected, bottled, frozen, and shipped to you vacuum sealed with a frozen Ice Brix gel pack. Product will be thawed upon reaching you as there is no way to keep it frozen on a 2 or 3 day trip. But rest assure your order will still be in great shape.  Our goal is to deliver fresh pure 100% deer urine to your door that will have you ordering from Jinx’em scents for many many years to come. Your success is our success. Know that we have your back and hope you jinx the buck of a lifetime.

Jinx’em Scents are collected from one of the largest deer facilities in the Midwest, with the capabilities of collecting from 100 animals at a time. The facility has regulated temperature, humidity control, with full septic system set up for urine collection. The facility is designed to produce the most sterile environment available during the collection and bottling. Yearly testing of all animals for TB and CWD has resulted in an 10 year CWD certification ensuring our customers are receiving product from a strong healthy herd.

Have you had enough of getting JINX’ED by commercial scents? Then turn the table and give JINX’EM SCENTS a try. JINX’EM my friends!!!