A. Shipping cost are higher because of the material used to make sure your Scents are delivered in the best condition possible. ie.. Vacuum bag, Gel pack, Box insulation.

A. Your scent will stay usable all season if stored properly. Below 41 degrees

Q. Why are shipping cost more than standard shipping?

Q. How long will my scent stay usable?

A. First up... People try to make it more than it is. IT IS DEER URINE no matter how you slice it!!! What makes Jinx'em different from other companies is how we handle our product. Urine is collected, bottled, and frozen as fast as humanly possible. The steps we take when orders are placed is way above and beyond what any other company in the industry is doing. Not only does our product leave here frozen... It is also vacuum sealed with a frozen ICE BRIX gel pack. That order is then placed in an insulated lined box and shipped USPS priority mail. Although scent will be thawed when it reaches you... It will be in great shape. We do not need to be better than any other company. Our results from staff and clients speak loud and clear.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Do I need to keep my Dominant Buck Misfortune and Doe Estrus Bewitched frozen or refrigerated?

Q. What makes Jinx'em Scents any different or better than other 100% deer urine companies?

A. Yes, Jinx'em Scents is pure 100% Deer urine with no additives or preservatives. In order to keep your Scents as fresh as possible they must be stored below 41 degrees at all times. You do not need to freeze it.